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Volkswagen Models


By 1955, over a million units of the vehicle and Volkswagen parts were built at Wolfsburg factory, which made a favorite among overseas audience. Insightful advertising maintained the popularity of beetle and made it a known brand among automobile enthusiasts. But with the passage of time new cars were introduced which affected the sales of Volkswagen. It created a demand for a boost up for the Volkswagen and the launch of the Passat and Golf provided them with the required kick. Later, after 2002, Volkswagen's gained a respectable position in the automotive industry.

Volkswagen Parts & Accessories

  • Headlights

  • Headlights + HID

  • Tail Lights

  • Bumper/Corner Lights

  • LED Bulbs/Lights

  • Side Mirrors

  • LED Interior Package

  • Fog Lights


Xtralights understand the standards set by Volkswagen; hence offers top quality Volkswagen lighting parts and accessories crafted with precision and durable material. We showcase a wide range of Crystal Clear and JDM Black lights. Our automotive lighting fixtures signify a beautiful way to insert an extra sparkling aspect to your car’s nighttime charisma. With this assortment of brilliant automotive lights designed in beaming fashion, Volkswagen lights are here to make you vehicle more vivacious in the intensified darkness of night time. A taste of luxury, a touch of custom passion, and a sprinkle of striking elements are some the terms synonymous to the products and services offered by Xtralights. we welcome you to explore our enormous collection of Volkswagen lighting parts and accessories.

Volkswagen HID Application Chart

ModelYearLow BeamHigh BeamFog Beam
Beetle 09+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H11
03-08 H1 or HID H1 H1
98-02 H1 H1 H1
CC 09+ H7 H7 H11
Cabrio 02 H7 H7 H3
00-01 H7 9005 H3
99 9006 / H7 or H4 9005 -
95-98 H4 - -
Corrado 90-94 9004 - -
Eos 07+ H7 H7 9006
Eurovan 95-04 H4 - H3
Golf 10+ H7 H15 9006
00-09 H7 H7 H3
99 H7 or 9004 9005 / H7 H3
97-98 9006 or 9004 9005 H3
88-96 9004 - H3
GTI 10+ H7 H15 H8
06-09 H7 or HID H7 9006 or H3
00-05 H7 H7 H3
99 9006 / H7 or 9004 9005/H7 H3
97-98 9006 or 9004 9005 H3
95-96 9004 - H3
Jetta 07+ H7 or HID-D2S

H7 (Sedan)

H15 (Wagon)

9006 or H11
06 H7 H7 H11
00-05 9007 - H3
99 9004,9006 or 9007 9007 9007
97-98 9006 or 9004 9005 H3
85-96 9004 - H3
Passat 07+ H7 H7 9006
02-06 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H3
01 HID-D2S/R or H7 H4 or H7 H7
98-00 H7 H4 H7
95-97 9006 9005 H1
90-94 9004 - -
Phaeton 04+ 9005 H11
Rabbit 07+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 9006
Routan 09+ H11 H11 9145 or 2504
Tiguan 09+ H7 H7 9006
Touareg 11+ HID-D3S - 9006
04-10 H7 H7 or H9 H11

Ferdinand Porsche designed the very first Volkswagen to be affordable vehicle for the everyday German citizen. Full-size luxury models failed his aim to provide conveyance at competitive costs to the Germans. Hitler requested the building of more consumer-friendly to boost the economy. Hence, he started a state-sanctioned factory in order to commence the creation of such vehicles which was named as KdF-wagen, an abbreviation for "Joy through Strength. But due to World War II the factory was damaged but it remained functional because of the British military interests, but soon the forces began to leave Europe which made the company's situation fall doubtful. Volkswagen was offered to France, Britain, and the US but it was accepted by none.

Volkswagen LED Bulbs Application Chart


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