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Toyota Headlights

Toyota Headlights

Lighting is an often overlooked and underappreciated part of a vehicle. Here at Xtralights, we believe that proper lights can make all the difference in the world, both in your visibility at night, and in the overall style of your car. We offer a variety of Toyota projector headlights in order to help you find the perfect upgrade for your machine and get just the right look, while also maximizing performance for a reasonable price.

Our lights are easy to use in an upgrade and wont break your budget. They are a low stress option for anyone wishing to make a quick enhancement to his or her vehicle. Lights wear out over time and can dim slowly enough that you wont even notice how poor they become. You will be amazed at the difference when you upgrade to the latest technology, as they offer huge performance increases over factory standard lighting options. Many of our products produce less heat and can shine brighter and longer than the default models. When it comes to Toyota projector headlights, we cant be beat!

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Older Model Seal Beams
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The company procures headlights from leading vendor, who manufacture these using sophisticated computer aided design machines. These are also checked using 3D equipment so as to insure their quality, precision and efficiency. The headlights are of vital importance as these support drivers to enjoy clear vision during nighttime rides. These help in avoiding any road mishap by acknowledging drivers’ presence on roadways.
The Toyota matrix headlights are based on advanced technologies including high intensity discharge (HID), LED, Euro, Glass, Crystal and Projector. These are well acknowledged for attributes like superb finishing, corrosive competency, longer serviceable life span and excellent shock resistance. The headlights are equipped with premium quality bulbs with UV polycarbonate protected lenses that radiate illumination better than aftermarket bulbs. These consume less power and also, radiate less heat. These are offered in varied colored lenses including black, chrome, clear and others. Some of the other features of headlights include:
-Excellent discernibility
-100% SAE & DOT approved
-Designed as per OEM certifications
-Easy plug & play for hassle free installation
-Perfect fitment
-Resistance against water & weather

Owing to above features, the headlights are extensively demanded in the aftermarket industry. These can be easily installed in varied upscale Toyota models including 4 Runner, Celica, Pick up, MR2, Prius, Sequoia, Tundra, Tercel and many others. Xtralights is an appropriate place to shop these lighting accessories at the competitive market prices.  The company also proffers free installation and technical services to the customers. Additionally, the customers can avail online order facilities without paying any extra charges. So, order today and an elegant look to your vehicle.