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Nissan Headlights

Nissan Headlights

Those who love updating their lovely Nissan with high-end and attractive lighting accessories, Xtralights is here to help you out with its great assortment of high-end headlights at competitive price.

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We at are offering a vast assortment of Nissan headlights comprising of halo projector headlights, HID headlights bulb kits, CCFL halo projector lights, Xenon headlights and Euro headlights. These all headlights are manufactured using high-end computerized CAD tools so as to infuse high-precision and durability in the lighting accessories. Being certified by DOT and SAE certifications, headlights at Xtralights do ensure great exactness while producing light beam.

We at Xtralights proffer a collection of Nissan headlights for all series exclusively such as Altima, Frontier, Murano, Hardbody, Maxima, pathfinder and many more.   

Attractions at

-Manufactured by computerized CAD machines,
-Featuring high-end bulbs to produce more at lesser consumption,
-100% fitment to avoid additional amendment,
-Approved by 3D testing procedures to ensure high precision,
-Including decorative halo light rings
-And direct play and plug fitment to get fixed easily.

With great offerings at, we are proud to supply very high-end HID headlight kits comprising of the most proficient accessories. They are proficient to produce 300% more light beam by consuming merely 35% of energy. Besides, they are much resistant to water, shock, and dust. Being featured with UV protected polycarbonate lens, Nissan headlights at Xtralights are greatly capable of outpacing other aftermarket headlights. As we believe in diversity, we supply the headlights in four main light colors, e.g. 4300k, 6000k, 8000k and 12000k.  

With much lucrative plans on Nissan headlights, we always serve the best in market. Once you purchase high-end headlights from our virtual store, you will start enjoying lifetime product support.