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Mazda Models


We have all types of Mazda lighting parts and accessories what you're looking for that would help your model look better than ever. You have to be sensible and creative at the same time. Our superstore makes that possible by providing various options such as Rear Tail Lights, Car bulbs, Car Lights, LED Rear Lights, Front Headlights, Halo Head Lights and Angel Eye Headlights, Front Indicators, Side repeaters, Brake Lights, Fog lights, Back lights, black/smoked/clear/chrome car lights, Tail lights, stylish car lights, Corner Lamps and many more.

Mazda Parts & Accessories

  • Headlights

  • Headlights + HID

  • Tail Lights

  • Bumper/Corner Lights

  • LED Bulbs/Lights

  • Side Mirrors

  • LED Interior Package

  • Fog Lights


Mazda has always showcased an impressive line of street-capable models that serve innumerable functions. Freeway performance or suburban joyriding - Mazda cars and SUVs just don't discriminate due to their fantastic level of consistency. All of the potential that you are looking for is in your hands, and a range of Mazda lighting accessories and parts from the best manufacturers are waiting for you. If you are after tasteful and eye-catching upgrades, or simply levelheaded additions to the factory package, we make it possible with the quality and value you deserve.

Mazda HID Application Chart

ModelYearLow BeamHigh BeamFog Beam
Mazda 2 11+ H4 - H11
Mazda 3 10+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H11 or 9006
07-09 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H11 or 9006
04-06 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H11
Mazda 5 06+ HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H11
Mazda 6 09+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H9 H11
03-08 HID-D2S/R or H1 H1 H3
626 98-02 H4 - -
93-97 9006 9005 H3
929 92-95 9006 9005 H3
88-91 9004 - -
CX-7 07+ HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H11
CX-9 07+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
B-series Pick up 06+ 9007 - 9006
94-05 9007 - -
Miata MX-5 06+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H9 H11
05 H7 9005 9006
04 9006 9005 9006
01-03 9006 9005 H1
99-00 H4 - -
90-97 H6024 - -
Millenia 95-02 9006 9005 H3
MPV 04+ H4 - H11
96-03 H4 - 9006
MX-3 92-95 9004 - -
MX-6 92-97 9004 - -
Navajo 91-94 9004 - -
Protege 95-02 H4 - -
Protege 5 02+ H7 9005 -
RX-7 93-95 H4 - H3
91 H6054 - H3
RX-8 09+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H9 9006 or H11
03-08 HID-D2S/R or H7 H9 H11
Tribute 09+ H13 - 9145
01-08 H4 - H1

Mazda has been a leading industry that offers modish, performance-oriented vehicles and high-grade car parts in a variety of segments. Before switching over to automobiles the automaker manufactured machinery tools in Toyo Cork Kogyo Company, Japan during 1920. Founder Jujiro Matsuda selected the term "Mazda" in respect of the Zoroastrian god of good quality and light. In 1960 the arrival of Mazda's R360 was finally seen for the first time. Other models including Carol and the brand's line of B-series pickup trucks soon followed the chart. In 1970 US started importing Mazda models. At present, Mazda is still leading its share of the road with several trendy, top-quality vehicles and authentic Mazda parts renowned all over the world.

Mazda LED Bulbs Application Chart


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