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Lexus Models


Fitting Lexus lighting parts and accessories is often the first modification made to a new project car. Lexus lights are available in a wide range of styles such as Driving lights, HID lights, Fog Lights, LED bars, replacement headlights, tail lights, replacement bulbs and signals. Every type of lights is available here. Many new designs are also available including black clusters, smoked lenses, projector style and LED rear lights which widen up the light mass and clarifies vision in night.

Lexus Parts & Accessories

  • Headlights

  • Headlights + HID

  • Tail Lights

  • Bumper/Corner Lights

  • LED Bulbs/Lights

  • Side Mirrors

  • LED Interior Package

  • Fog Lights


Nothing beats the impact of flashing strobe lights as LED kits come in packages with head light and fog light bulbs that light up normally or throb in a range of colors. We believe that with our services you’ll be more than satisfied. Lexus cars and SUVs have firmly settled into the foreground of luxury automobiles across the globe. When it comes to Lexus lighting accessories and parts, no one wants less than finer quality. We assure all of the latest and greatest Lexus lighting accessories and parts which would set pride in your ride.

Lexus HID Application Chart

ModelYearLow BeamHigh BeamFog Beam
CT200h 11+ H11 H9 H11
ES250 90-91 9004 - -
ES300 00-03 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H3
97-99 H7 9005 H3
92-96 9006 9005 H3
ES330 05+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
04 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H3
ES350 11 H11 or H7 9005 9006
10 H7 9005 9006
09 H11 or H7 9005 9006
07-08 H7 9005 9006
GS300/350/400/450H/460 06+ 9005 9006
98-05 HID-D2S/R or 9006 9005 9006
93-97 9006 9005 9006
GS430 01-02 HID-D2S/R or 9006 9005 9006
GX460/470 10+ H11 9005 H11
03-09 H11 9005 H3
HS250h 10+ H11 or LED 9005 H11
IS250/300/350 06+ H11 9005 9006
03-05 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H3
01-02 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
IS 250C/350C 10+ H11 - H11
IS-F 08+ 9005 H11
LS400 98-00 HID-D2S/R or 9006 9005 H3 or 9006
97-95 H4 9005 H3
93-94 H4 - -
90-92 9004 - -
LS430 01+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
LS460/LS600H 07+ 9005 9006
LX450/470 05+ 9006 9005 H3
01-04 HID-D2S/R or H1 9005 H3
98-99 H1 9005 H3
96-97 9006 9005 -
LX570 08+ H11 9005 H11
RX300 01-03 HID-D2S/R or 9006 9005 9006
99-00 9006 9005 9006
RX330 04+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
RX350 10+ HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H11
07-09 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 9006
RX400h/450h 10+ H11 9005 H11
06-09 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H11
SC300/400 92-00 9006 9005 H3
SC430 06+ 9005 H3
02-05 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H3

Toyota Motor Company, flourishing Lexus has been amongst the top manufacturers of luxury cars and SUVs as well as genuine Lexus parts since 1989. Lexus originated from a special project in 1983 which aimed at developing a luxury sedan for American car buyers. In the beginning of first fourteen years, Lexus vehicles and its parts were accumulated in Japan at various plants belonging to Toyota. The first Lexus model to make its primary appearance was the LS 400 sedan, equipped with a 4.0L V8 giving a stylish luxury look. Coming to the 90’s, Lexus began to expand even more, proving its worth and luxury capable of competing with the customary powers. Pioneering models including company's first SUV, the RX in 1998, as well as the first convertible on the roster, the SC 430 in 2001 turned out as a helping hand for retaining the brands share. The Lexus Hybrid Drive system is a combination of gas and electric structure swanking lower emission increasing fuel efficiency and overall power.

Lexus LED Bulbs Application Chart


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