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Fusion AC-Max HID Xenon Conversion Kit - 9007 (or HB5) Bulb Type (Single-beam, Pair)

Xtralights offers  Fusion AC-Max HID Xenon Conversion Kit - 9007 Type (Pair). Buy HID Xenon Conversion Kits, Fusion HID Xenon Kits on Discounted rates.
Xtralights offers  Fusion AC-Max HID Xenon Conversion Kit - 9007 Type (Pair). Buy HID Xenon Conversion Kits, Fusion HID Xenon Kits on Discounted rates.High Low Beam Bi-Xenon Bulb
Bulb Type: 9007

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Item No: FK9007
Manufacturer No: FK9007
Manufacturer: FUSION

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This pair of Fusion HID Xenon Conversion Kit - 9007 Bulb Type is the most conducive option for providing excellent illumination to your vehicle. With High Intensity Discharge Xenon light system you can upgrade the vehicles efficiency and get rid of imperfect brightness of factory lights. Usually most of the automotive lights witness the problem of fading away and growing dim before the expected time. With HID technology, you do not come across such situation and enjoy consistent performance throughout. These lights not only provide illumination but also enhance the style of a car. So, it is important to make a change in your vehicle by replacing Halogen bulbs with HID xenon bulb.

The brightness that you get from HID Xenon quality is far greater than that attained with conventional halogen headlights. It makes your driving convenient by providing day-like visibility that adds to your comfort while offering safety and style. If you feel apprehensive about the installation process then leave your worries behind and go for HID Light kits, as they are made as per a vehicles features and specifications and require no custom work except the basic setting up.

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Buying HID Xenon lights kit enables you to fetch style integrated with safety. The appropriateness of lights gives your vehicle an edge over others while driving on the road. Its cutting edge quality renders power, comfort and consistency. It can be the most economical way to upgrade the performance level of any vehicle. People walking down the road and the vehicles passing by your car also get to notice a difference in illumination that is obtained from HID technology. Its matchless illumination adds visual appeal thereby providing flawless functionality to vehicle.

These HID kits are manufactured as per the quality standards set by leading auto experts. They act as a great modification to your vehicle. Moreover, the new AC-current ballasts provide much better reliability and stable performance than old-DC ballasts.


Fusion HID Kits

HID Xenon Kits
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  • Available in colors (4300K crystal white, 6000K diamond blue, 8000K deep blue, 12000K violet purple)
  • Highly efficacious and durable (5 times more than halogen bulbs)
  • Less power consumption (30% less) and more light output(4 times more)
  • New AC-current ballasts provide much better reliability and stable performance than old-DC ballasts
  • Highly competent, energy efficient and gas saving
  • Retrofit all domestic & imported cars, SUVs & trucks.
  • Simple & quick Plug & Play HID Installation
  • 35% less power consumption than conventional halogen headlights


The HID Conversion Kit contains the following components:

  • 2 HID Xenon Bulbs
  • 2 HID Ballasts
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Wire Harness
  • Step-by-step Online Installation Guide (click to download)


Technical specifications:

  • Bulb Type: 9007
  • Color & Light Output:
    HID Bulb Color Temperature
    Light Output
    Crystal White 4300K 3100
    Diamond Blue 6000K 3000
    Deep Blue 8000K 2900
    Violet Purple 12000K 2800
  • Rated Voltage: DC 13.2V
  • Output: 35W

Dimensional specifications:

  • Ballast Module: 3" x 3" x 1.5"
  • 15" wiring harness to igniter
  • 19" wiring harness to power source

Factory Warranty:

  • 1 year

Parts and Accessories of HID Xenon Kits:

Individual parts and accessories for the HID Xenon Kits are available for sale. (click to shop)

Manufacturer Info of: Fusion AC-Max HID Xenon Conversion Kit - 9007 (or HB5) Bulb Type (Single-beam, Pair) Fusion is the first name that comes in everybody’s mind when someone talks about good quality lighting, It is a leading and highly renowned brand of the world, which deals with different HID lighting kits. We offer Fusion HID Xenon Conversion Kit which is an encouraging option for bestowing brilliant illumination to your vehicle. Our High Intensity Discharge Xenon light system has a potential to update your vehicle’s efficiency. This will surely make you get rid of unsatisfactory brilliance of factory lights. Our distinctive HID technology in lights would not make you face the problem of fading away or growing dim prior to the predictable time. Our new technology based lighting assemblies will make you enjoy throughout constant performance. The lights that you will obtain of Fusion will not merely endow with illumination, but also augment the approach of your car. Outstanding brightness, exceptional quality and convenience in driving are some of the things that our HID Xenon Headlights and HID Xenon fog lights will surely present to you and your car. We aim at adding comfort to your drive with excellent visibility. Manufacturer No: FK9007

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