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Cadillac Models


After slumping throughout most of the late eighties/early nineties, Cadillac became revitalized and now came in the market with more enthusiasm and strength. Till date no one has made progress enough to match up the level of niche they have built in the last several decades with their efforts. Audi has always been known for is the quality lighting fixtures and assemblies embellished with modish look and highly durable light parts and accessories. We truly believe in maintaining the standards earned by Audi, through a series of decades by offering an extensive collection of automotive lights and lighting parts and accessories to Audi owners. Xtralights is here to lend a helping hand to shine with a hint of prominent style you’ve been searching ever since the purchase of your Cadillac with our selected stock of Cadillac lighting parts and accessories. All of our top-quality Cadillac lights are crafted to custom fit with smooth OEM-level precision. Cadillac lighting parts and accessories are dropped at your doorstep preassembled compiled with a bunch of components.

Cadillac Parts & Accessories

  • Headlights

  • Headlights + HID

  • Tail Lights

  • Bumper/Corner Lights

  • LED Bulbs/Lights

  • Side Mirrors

  • LED Interior Package

  • Fog Lights


The user just has to unscrew the original factory lights to replace with new Cadillac lights for a quick DIY installation. Our automotive lighting fixtures represent an attractive way to add an extra lively aspect to your car’s nighttime charisma. Xtralights’ collection of Cadillac lights contains products manufactured by the finest manufacturers in the world which eradicated your worry about quality of the desired product. Cadillac LED and Euro Headlight are some of the favorite among other lighting parts and accessories designed with matchless style to suit your model's personality to the best. All of our Cadillac lights are also DOT approved for the level of brightness and the feature of safety they possess. All of our Cadillac lighting parts and accessories preassembled for a hassle free installation. Simply remove your OEM lights, wire in your new one to get set go with your Cadillac vehicle. Let your ride’s flavor of comfort shine even brighter than your expectations.

Cadillac HID Application Chart

ModelYearLow BeamHigh BeamFog Beam
Catera 00-01 H7 H7 H3
97-99 H7 H7 H3
CTS 08+ H11 H9 H11
03-07 9006 9005 9145
DeVille 94+ 9006 9005 893
DTS 07+ - 9055
Eldorado 92-02 9006 9005 894
Escalade 07+ HID-D1S - 9145
03-06   9005 -
02 9006 9005 -
99-00 9006 9005 -
Seville 01-04 9006 9005 893
92-00 9006 9005 893
SRX 10+ HID or H11 9005 9145
06-09 9006 H7 9145
04-05 9006 9005 -
STS, STS-V 05+ H11 9005 H3
XLR 04+ -

American luxury vehicle is synonymous to Cadillac, the torch bearer. Since its evolution, Cadillac has been at the heart of the auto industry and was founded by Henry Martyn Leland who produced automotive parts. The first model under the Cadillac name which came into being was Osceola, a limited production concept car but it added fuel to ignite the popularity of closed-body cars. That was essentially changing phase of automobiles in the United States. Power and class has always topped the list of Cadillac specialty. The Coupe DeVille and Fleetwood El Dorado were two of the most popular luxury cars by Cadillac which helped Cadillac got their due share of free advertising from both of them as one could witness famous athletes and actors driving these cars. Vertical tail lights was a break through change made in the 1960s which help a lot in boosting Cadillac's image for fashion. The arrival of the Fleetwood Sixty Special was a flagship for luxury, offering footrests and a telescoped steering wheel hurriedly acquired the attention of automotive enthusiasts.

Cadillac LED Bulbs Application Chart


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