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BMW Headlights + HID

BMW Headlights + HID

Want to give your BMW a unique and brilliant look? Xtralights has the solution for all your BMW headlight requirements. We have an immense variety and designs in BMW Headlights with HID and help you in upgrading your car with spectacular looks. The HID we offer for BMW headlights are best in quality and fulfill DOT and SAE standards. Precision manufactured to the factory OEM specifications of your vehicle for plug & play installation and easy fitment. Innovative styling and features will be instantly noticed and set your car apart from factory models. Waterproof, Shock-proof and UV protected polycarbonate lenses that will outlast and outshine other aftermarket headlights. These HID light color available in 4300K, 6000K, 8000K and 12000K. Feel proud and give a distinguished look to your car with impressive BMW HID Headlights.

2003 - 2008  BMW Z4 HID Lights
BMW 03-08 Z4 Headlights + HID
2005 - 2008  BMW 3 series (E90) HID Lights
BMW 05-08 3-Series (E90) Headlights + HID
2008 and Newer  BMW 1 series (E87) HID Lights
BMW 08-UP 1-Series (E87) Headlights + HID
1992 - 1998  BMW 3 series (E36) HID Lights
BMW 92-98 3-Series (E36) Headlights + HID
1999 - 2005  BMW 3 series (E46) HID Lights
BMW 99-05 3-Series (E46) Headlights + HID
1988 - 1994  BMW 5 series (E34) HID Lights
BMW 88-94 5-Series (E34) Headlights + HID
1997 - 2003  BMW 5 series (E39) HID Lights
BMW 97-03 5-Series (E39) Headlights + HID
1995 - 2002  BMW 7 series (E38) HID Lights
BMW 95-02 7-Series (E38) Headlights + HID
2001 - 2007  BMW X5 (E53) HID Lights
BMW 01-07 X5 (E53) Headlights + HID
1996 - 2002  BMW Z3 HID Lights
BMW 96-02 Z3 Headlights + HID