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BMW Models


BMW is uniquely recognized for innovation, creativity and quality in automobile market. All the series of BMW car such as BMW X-series, BMW 6-series, BMW Z-series, etc. have made their own unique identification amongst the car lovers. But have you thought of the importance of lighting accessories in BMW car? If we see it closely, the accessories play great role in elevating BMW car to a great level.

BMW Parts & Accessories

  • Headlights

  • Headlights + HID

  • Tail Lights

  • Bumper/Corner Lights

  • LED Bulbs/Lights

  • Side Mirrors

  • LED Interior Package

  • Fog Lights


Xtralights takes pain to provide you with the very newest and uppermost quality BMW light parts and accessories. Our aim is to spread stronger beam dispersing far more light than your previously installed fitments making your BMW vehicle visible from a greater distance. We host a complete selection of BMW lights which quenches the thirst of each automobile enthusiast. Crystal Clear, JDM Black, and Chrome are among several alternatives to dig right in to proffer an illuminative aura to BMW in one go. We guarantee the results will speak for themselves. BMW lights comprising of Halo, CCFL, and LED lights, as well as Euro, projector, and Angel Eyes lights compiled on a single destination for you. They are blazing, stylish, are calling you to possess them. If you have any doubts regarding the quality and fitment of the products you are welcome to knock our doors. We help you with a big smile on our face.

BMW HID Application Chart

ModelYearLow BeamHigh BeamFog Beam
1 Series 08+ HID-D1S or H7 H7 H11
3 Series 00-05 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 9006
99 9006 9005 -
89-98 9006 9005 H1
3 Series Sedan/Coupe/Wagon/M3 09+ HID-D1S or H7 H7 H8
06-08 HID-D1S or H7 H7 4dr-H11
325Ci, 330Ci 06 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 9006
323i/328i Only 99 only HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 -
318is Only 96 only H1 H7 H1
5 Series/5 Series GT 10+ HID-D1S H7 H8
07-09 HID-D1S or H7 H7 H8
03-06 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 9006
01-02 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H8
97-00 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H7
89-95 9006 9005 H1
6 Series 08+ HID-D1S H7 H11
04-07 HID-D2S/R or H11 H7 9006
7 Series/Alpina B7 09+ HID-D1S - H8
06-08 HID-D1S or H7 H7 9006
97-05 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H3
95-96 H1 H7 H3
87-92 9006 9005 H1
740 only 93-94 9006 9005 H1
750 only 95-96 HID-D2S/R or H11 H7 H1
93-94 HID-D2S/R or H11 9005 H1
8 Series 97-00 9006 9005 H3
92-97 9006 9005 H1
M3 01-05 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 9006
97-99 9006 9005 -
M5/M6 08+ M5:HID-D1S
M6:HID-D2S/R or H7
H7 9006
00-07 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H7
X3 11+ HID-D1S or H7 H7 H8 or H11
07-10 HID-D1S or H7 H7 H11
04-06 HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H11
X5 07+ HID-D1S or H1 H11 or H7 H11
05-06 HID-D2S/R or H7 H1 H11
00-04 HID-D2S/R or H7 9005 H1
X6 08+ HID-D1S - H11
Z3, M Roadster 97-02 9006 9005 H1
98 9006 9005 H1
Z4 09+ HID-D1S - H8
03+ HID-D2S/R or H7 H7 H11
Z8 00+ HID-D2S/R or H11 - -

BMW is one of the world's most renowned luxury brand names who have been successful in attaining such high position due to a fleet of upscale cars and SUVs to choose from. Founded in 1916 as Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) in Munich, Germany, BMW were initially the manufacturer of aircrafts and their parts. The famous BMW logo which is interpreted as a propeller in a blue sky background by many is said to have evolved from the company's association with airplanes though this has not been clear yet. The DA 1 was released and equipped with a four-cylinder engine capable of 15 horsepower was released which earned a great applaud from the drivers of all backgrounds. In latter part of the 1930s, BMW got a heightening of performance they were desperately seeking for with Type 328 Roadster crafted by them which showed impressive results on the racetrack leading up to World War II.

BMW LED Bulbs Application Chart


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