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Halogen Lights

Halogen Lights

Halogen Off Road Lights & Accessories

As we know that universal off road driving is full of excitement and thrill. And safety is equally important in this case. So, to enhance your this thrill and excitement in bad weather and darkness, Xtralights brings you the pair of halogen driving lights for your 4x4, ATV, SUV and motorcycles. These pairs of lights are just like an ornament for your vehicle. You can place them anywhere on your vehicle. Multiple styles, shapes and colors are included in our after market for Halogen off road collection. Other than lighting, every other accessory of Halogen off road lighting is additionally accessible here. We carry top brands such as ARB, WARN, KC HiLites (kc hilites slimlite, kc hilites daylighter, kc hilites apollo, kc pod), Rigid Industries, Vision X, Hella and PIAA (piaa 510, piaa 520, piaa 580). This heavy duty off road lighting is a kind of headlights and the main objective of these headlights is to provide the safety and security to drivers as well as competitor drivers on the road. Whether you are on road or off road, your main concern is to have a safe journey. A off-road light will show you the path in the dark or another weather condition. So, clear stock headlight must have a strong focused and visible beam of powerful light. All these desires are fulfilled by the Xtralights Halogen off road lights. These premium qualities of 100-watt quartz Halogen off road light lenses are 100% safe and tested by advance technology in convenience packages. Some of our dirt/water-sealed lamps include replaceable bulbs, aluminum polished brackets, wiring accessories and stone shield off-road light covers with 23-year warranty.

What are Halogen bulbs?? The auxiliary off-road Halogen light is a kind of incandescent 12V light bulbs that has added a little amount of halogen. This halogen can be either iodine or bromide. Generally halogen is mixed with noble gases, especially xenon and Krypton. The best feature of halogen bulb is that its small size is used in compact optical systems without extra modification for installation. Using halogen with tungsten increase life and maintain the clarity. Halogen bulbs can operate at high temperature. In the automotive world, Tungsten- halogen bulbs are used as a light source. It produces a regular spectrum of light likewise other incandescent bulbs.

Xtralights Halogen Off Road Lights:

Apart from above features, the main specialty of Xtralights auxiliary lighting bulbs is that they do not contain mercury in them which means they are eco-friendly. In short, use of our halogen fog lights is not harmful for the driver as well as for the environment. Another advantage is that it goes ease with pocket as it consumes less power and energy from the engine. The optimized reflector surface of compact size Halogen off road light will give you the ultimate performance. Like all incandescent bulbs, our latest Halogen off road lights also lightens up instantly, can be dim according to need and affordable. Other than this, our exclusive collection of flush mounted Halogen off road lights is ultra light weight and having brighter lighting.

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