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LED Headlights

LED Headlights

Aftermarket Custom & Factory Headlights with LED Lights

Upgrade your vehicle using Xtralights automotive LED Headlights. LED Headlights is a faithful and standard technology used as a part of headlights which makes an excellent night time driving without eye strain. A huge collection of Xtralights LED Headlights with different colors like amber, clear, black and many others can sparkle your eyes. Our LED Headlights collection produces 5000-5500K xenon white color LED (rated 2200lm) of the fact that the pure white color temperature makes a clear visibility at night which eventually prompts a safe driving. This headlight creates a close to day light color temperature lighting in sunshine as well as in dark. We brought the custom designs of these improved headlights for your MINI, NISSAN, DODGE, AUDI, BMW, VOLVO, SUBARU, HUMMER, EAGLE and all other remaining top-most companies’ models. As, we don't want that you will compromise with the quality of products. We pleased to inform that all SUBZERO LED kits are tied up with CANBUS compatibility kit to make it compatible with all models of top most companies. Whatever your need from a decent headlight to the high power LED headlights with 20W plasma LEDs, we are here to satisfy all your needs. These head lamps use automotive grade 20W and 30W Philips lumiLEDS 12-volt chips which are significantly better than CREE SMD LED headlight bulbs, therefore they are highly durable, continuously produces brighter light than halogen bulbs, 10 times more extensive light, weather resistant, low heat dissipation, longer light beam range, superior illumination at night time as well as daytime and best one is more affordable.

With the rapid development, LED Headlight covers has made an iconic image in automotive lighting style. The components of euro LED Headlight are Lamp reflector, lamp lens, rocket reflector, bulb seal, lamp optic body and a LED. LED (also known as Light Emitting Diodes) is similar to a transmitter which emit bright lights when current is applied on it.


There are some Benefits of LED head lamps:-


  • Last long Lifespan vs. halogen bulbs
  • Extremely compact and low power consumption (will never reach melting temperature of the headlight lenses)
  • Quickly light up, much less than few seconds to reach max brightness of HID bulbs
  • Insensitive to vibrate
  • Withstand continuous use in severe conditions


Now, when it comes to Xtralights, the above all features of LED headlights include it all including some extra ones. So, have a look on Xtralights LED Headlights:-


  • Waterproof, shockproof and UV protected lenses
  • Highly Durable LED vs. Xenon lights
  • DOT and SAE approved
  • “Plug and Play” installation
  • Designed with CAD computerized equipment


As utilization of universal LED lighting is slowly becoming popular today. Unlike HID Xenon and halogen headlights, we give you those LED lights that uses 90% less power and operates without any drivers, ballasts, resistors and controllers. As, it is more efficient than conventional bulbs which is a unique feature and make it remarkable from others headlights. Additionally, LED headlights conversion kits use SMDs for maximum output that produce less load on vehicle engine and enhance the efficiency. Which means you are getting a high quality LED bulbs at beyond normal affordable costs.


Before providing you the high intensity LED Light, firstly let’s inform you "how the product is accurately developed". Xtralights experts use 3D unique construction machine to test the correct development of each LED light because our logo is “your wellbeing is our obligation”. As we entirely take after the OEM particular, our LED headlights are exact copies of veritable factory headlights in all terms whether you talk about size, shape or function. On the other hand, each LED Headlights are similar to xenon but contains spare gas on the grounds that it doesn't create warmth and on account of this reason, autos utilizing LED headlights spared approx. 50,000 metric huge amounts of CO2 consistently.


When it comes to replacement, we offer you our best services. We can replace your vehicle's opaque, broken, cracked or all other head lamps within a short period of time. In short, Xtralights always help you in all terms.  Our specialists additionally gives a direction to item that is best for your car, SUV or truck. This will help you to choose the after market headlight styles and practical application for your vehicle.


LED headlights not only provide a trendy look to your car, SUV or Truck but also give a luxurious look which makes a distinctive appearance of your vehicle. All headlights are available with right as well as left side assemblies to increase the glow and beauty of your car, SUV or Truck. It is a best deal for you that you are getting these stylish LED headlights in affordable prices by just visiting a website. Additionally, for your convenience we provide free shipping of product which means you can get your product right at your doorstep.


Xtralights after market is not just a spot of all adornments of auto, SUV or truck however; it is also a spot of patching up your vehicle as per your cravings and needs. Our popularity depends upon our work and we work hard to be stable on that popularity. Further, we additionally realize that without our lighting framework your vehicle is not finish. The imposing lighting of LED headlights can never be disregarded by your incoming traffic. So, peruse our site and discover your most loved LED headlights in moderate and sensible cost.

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