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Headlights + HID Xenon Lights

Headlights + HID Xenon Lights

Aftermarket Custom & Factory Headlights with HID Xenon Lights

One of our best collections is HID Xenon headlights. When HID gets fusion with Headlight it improves the performance of the vehicle. In simple terms, you can say that HID + Headlights= Better Visibility. As, typical headlights are not so trendy these days and our young generation needs some cool look in their cars, truck or SUVs. So, use Xtralights special HID headlights to find a superb quality collection of automotive lighting. Our HID Xenon Headlights give enhanced dreams which construct sumptuous point of view for your car. We give you immediate and most essential strong lights for just your vehicle. So, automotive HID lighting technology which can be expanded as High-Intensity Discharge produce UV radiations and prevents fading of dyed items. Due to its, light-weighted power supplies and produces large amount light this is very useful in headlights. Now a day, we uses HID Xenon lights to give better look to your cars and SUVs.

There are four hues accessible to us of HID headlights. These tones are:-


  • · Crystal White having color temperature 4300K (Kelvin)
  • · Diamond Blue having color temperature 6000K
  • · Deep Blue having color temperature 8000K
  • · Violet Purple having color temperature 12000K


We just offer  one HID Xenon conversion kit  which contains 2 HID bulbs, 2 Ballasts & Wiring Harnesses with projector or Halo  headlights.


In the event that you have HID headlights on your vehicle and imagine that why if i need to drive with premium HID Xenon headlights. Then, just for your convenience, we additionally offer a trial service in our after market conversion kits with the goal that you can experience a difference, between HID headlights and HID Xenon headlights. By utilizing the HID Xenon headlights system, you will see that your vehicle is creating a more focused, design, energy efficiency, high-intensity discharge lamps on the road while you are driving at night.


Advantages of using Xtralights HID Xenon lights:-

  • · Increased the brightness level about 300% or more.
  • · More whiter light makes good visibility in the night time driving.
  • · Long Lasting Life compared with halogen lighting
  • · Uses 40% less energy voltage output as it is a good for power saving.
  • · Pre-installed and pre-wired assemblies
  • · Perfect fitment
  • · Easy and quick installation or we can say that “Plug and Play” installation.
  • · Whenever a misfortune occurred with car, HID lights automatically gets shut down.
  • · Long life warranty
  • · More focused beam of hid lamps


We are offering 4 HID kits that is Fusion HID, Xetronic Elite, Xetronic Digital G2 and last but not least Halo Light Ring. The Fusion HID kit most affordable among others, Good weather resistance, safe, excellent durability and have light weighted ballast. Then, Xetronic Elite is Full weather resistance, higher durable, better than Fusion HID and have titanium Coated Metal ballast with xenon short-arc discharge bulbs of different sizes & colors. The Xetronic Digital G2 is highest durable, medium price range, longest Service life and have true digital slim ballast whereas The halo Light ring can either CCFL or LED, more durable and very popular these days.

These kits provide your vehicle a superior illumination and an improved visibility.


HID Xenon Lights never work alone. We provide you different packages like

  • · LED Eyelashes Projector Headlights with LED and 55W Super HID Xenon Lights Kit Package
  • · CCFL-Halo Projector Headlights with LED and 55W Super HID Xenon Lights Kit Package
  • · OEM Style Headlights  with 55W Super HID Xenon Lights Kit Package
  • · Projector Glass Headlights with 55W Super HID Xenon Lights Kit Package
  • · Dual Halo Projector Headlights  with 55W Super HID Xenon Lights Kit Package


We give all these interesting HID combination with different headlights for auto brands like AUDI, BUICK, FORD, EAGLE, CHEVY, HONDA, NISSAN and every single other companies. We don't just give these assistants to later models of autos, however for all models of  that organization.


As we only offer extremely high quality HID Xenon headlight with Halo headlights or projector headlights. HID Xenon headlights does not draw power directly from the vehicle's battery. So, provide a sense of security all the time. Our team of experts help you to select the best modification for your vehicle.  Firstly, our experts confirm the OEM specification of accessories and  then it fitted in your vehicle. If you don't want to go to any shop, then you can install it on your own as it uses a simple “Plug and Play” installation.


As per your desire, our after market hid xenon driving light provides you plenty of accessories which increase your vehicles natural beauty. If we are not wrong, you won't want to miss the approved DOT and SAE products which are available to you at just one Click. By just one Click,  you will get the best adornments in minimum time  with affordable rates. So, make your Car, SUV or truck  differentiates from others with Xtralights HID Xenon Headlights and find some sizzling hot collection  right here.

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