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LED Conversion Kits

LED Conversion Kits

LED Conversion Kits for Headlights and Fog / Driving Lights

Thinking of upgrading your vehicle with LED Conversion kit? Then, Xtralights LED conversion kit is best to make your LED more usable. These days, LED Lighting System is the most well known and popular revolution. Customize your vehicle by Xtralights LED compatible Kit, you not only get the popular lighting system but also get a new catchy look to your car, SUV or Truck. For the most part, we use LED conversion kit to utilize LED bulb as the LED Headlights and the LED fog lights. Whether your car, SUV or Truck is imported or of domestic brand, our LED compatible kit can be a flexible replacement in any model. We are pleased to inform you that our LED control driver module is the worlds smallest and the lightest one as; it helps in increasing the reliability of the lighting system. If we discuss about the performance then, our lighting system is used to enhance the performance of vehicle as well as LED chip bulbs. These bulbs are eco-friendly as they do not contain mercury and are very secured to be used in environment. We also believe that all street drivers must get the high quality of 20W to 35W LED conversion Kit. This is why we only deal with SUBZERO LED Company and connect you with the best kit in the auto industry. Their complete LED kit is obtainable for H1, dual beams high/low H4, H7, H11, H13, 5202, 9004, 9005, 9006 and 9007 high or low-beam bulb types/sizes application. The LED conversion kit contains 2 pieces of LED bulb modules, two compact LED driver modules, a mounting kit and a CANBUS compatible component. For your benefit, a step by step installation guide is also available with the kit. CANBUS encourage that the LED headlight bulb can be utilized as a part of any structure and in any model of the top most brands of cars.

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The first question may arise in your mind that why we use LED? This is the fact that LED is the best solution for the automotive Lighting. LED, which is also known as Light Emitting Diode emits light when current applied to it. It has various features which makes it most popular in automotive world.


Some features are:-


  • highly compact and convenience
  • instantly glow up, extremely long hour lifespan
  • more affordable and saving
  • quick and easily cool down
  • highly visible to others


Other than these features, 5000K and 5500K LEDs always consume less power as compare to other bulbs. This implies that it has amazing power consumption or gas sparing when contrasted with incandescent light and HIDs. As, Led bulbs always offer a bright white color light which is very remarkable to the others. Because of these features LED bulbs remove the incandescent light bulbs.


For exterior designs of your car, vehicle, motorcycle, SUV or truck, reliable LED Compatible kit is the best alternative. LED lighting technology gives 200% brighter light than halogen bulbs. By using automotive grade chips and materials (3500lm LED Philips LumiLEDS SMD bulbs, not CREE) you can experience the more focused light beam which you never seen before. That is the reason, Xtralights used the LED conversion kit to make these bright LED bulbs highly used in LED headlights and fog lights or LED driving Lights.


There is no doubt that LED headlights provide a low ambient lighting in both in sunshine as well as in dark nights. But, the advantage is that it doesn't produce an eye-strain. Led headlights make a new feature of lighting in the vehicles.

Our remarkable Fog lights also provide a safe driving in dense fog, heavy rain and snow falls. Fog lights withstand in all weather conditions. So, use of LED bulbs in this is a smart choice. Altogether, we offer a huge collection of LED Headlights and Fog Lights at our after market replacements.


Now, assume that after sometime you want to restore your older halogen bulbs in your vehicle. So, our LED Compatible kit gives this 100% reversible installation to you. The excellent thing about this kit is that it is 100% shockproof and waterproof. Moreover, it is casing by a special material called Titanium which make it suitable for all weather conditions. As, LED bulb is designed with the high tolerance thus, it is best for all situations. Xtralights gives you the most durable LED configuration at your doorstep with our free transportation service.


Our specialists of automobiles know that LED is an open Circuit and when it is reboot, a lock protection is applied after 0.02s by them. Due to this, our experts only use the products and equipment which are DOT and SAE affirmed. We likewise encourage you "Plug and Play" installation so that in any situation, you need to retrofit the LED lights then you can undoubtedly do that.


Xtralights after market is the only place where you can get all the best services and details in the reasonable cost and only we offer you 30-days cash back insurance for your benefit. So, browse our collection of LED compatible kit and get your desired kit in minimum amount of duration.


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