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LED Bulbs

Automotive LED Bulbs and Lighting Accessories

Only for you, Xtralights bring you the wide range of LED bulbs and LED Light kits to furnish your vehicle's inner and outer view with no comparison. We offer approx. 500+ types of LED bulbs in our after market equipment. LED lighting System makes your vehicle sparkling and appealing in sensible rates. If we talk about LED bulbs then they are used for a numerous of purposes now a days. In any case, with regards to automotive world, LED bulbs are recently entered in this and make their own image in very short period of time. We realize that you are enamored with item quality and we offer you that. Our product manufacturer is the prominent company that is “XETRONIC” which not only give the best quality product but also manufacture the product using OEM specification. This company produce magnificent quality PHILIPS LUMILEDS SMD LED. We also offer some products of company like PUTCO. LEDs always use less power as compare to other bulbs. 1, 2, 3 and 5W output LEDs some features are highly durable, eco-friendly, more resistible, weatherproof and many more. The most important difference is that it produces a more directional light and equal distribution of light. Compared to stock incandescent bulb, miniature LED are highly durable and because of these LEDs are used in Lighting System whether it is interior or exterior style of vehicle. LEDs are obviously better than incandescent lamp and HID. LEDs can be used in stock headlight bulbs, auxiliary lamps, tail lights, brake lights, daytime running lights, turning signals, third brake lights, reverse lights, halo/angel eye rings, instrument cluster lights, strobe lights and lots of other lights. The attractive colors of LED bulbs are white (5000K to 8000K color temp.), red, green, amber and all other remaining colors which you like as our speciality is to provide “uniqueness” in product. We offer you different ranges of flexible length led strip lights, LED accent light kits and replacement of LED light packs.

LED replacement lights can fix out a huge number of dull, blurred and broken LED car bulbs. In this, we feature Hi-LED technology or High-intensity advanced LED Technology to give a damn good look to your vehicle. As, high power LED has a property of producing no or less heat (vs. stock incandescent ones), we use LED replacement bulbs with tinted bulbs for dome lights and Courtesy lights. With Japanese cutting-edge controller technologies, we replace the factory bulbs with our new innovative stylish emitting bulbs.

LED bulbs produce excellent light and make superior visibility and waterproof all the time. With latest SMD technology, a full coverage of high intensity bulb is available to you in affordable cost. It has 50,000 hours lives which makes it highly durable bulb. It also mounted to view a 3600 angle for better visibility. The LED bulbs can be used for interior and exterior decoration of the on/off-road vehicle and motorcycle.

LED light Kits are used to make the LED bulb cluster flexible and durable for Headlight fixtures and Fog lights. LED compatible Kit make the LED bulb module compatible with the all models of the cars, SUVs or Trucks. It comes with the CANBUS compatible kit. The LED bulb is available for 168, 192, 921, T5, T10, 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, 7440, 7443 and festoon bulb types. They also come with BA7S, BA9S and BA15 wedge bases.

If you think that LED lights is only used in bulbs, then our collection of Electronic LED modular will definitely prove you wrong. This is used as a flasher or blinker for turning signals where LED bulbs are not performing well. But its installation must be correct. If not correctly installed or incompatible with vehicle, then flasher will be destroyed or blow your fuse. It always creates a clicking sound when flashing operation is performed. By using this, we do not need many load resistors.

Besides the Electronic modular, Xtralights also have Universal Load Resistors. It helps in solving the compatibility problem between LED problems and CANBUS. But we require 1-Resistor with each turning signal bulb. For its working, it need very low power. It is long lasting life span and work on principle of “Plug and Play” installation. It can be available to you at minimum prices.

We also deal with the Hi-Intensity LED Board with Universal Power Adapters Kit. Its brighter and improved visibility can be seen from far distance. It is insensitive to the vibration and instantly glows up. It is very compatible with every vehicle that no additional modification is required. Its durable life gives a cleaner look and no dormancy rate. In the matter of your security, drivers can completely depend on the LED bulbs. LED light do not need any circuitry design for generating a brighter light. Also, it is very small in size, multiple LEDs can be fitted in a single area for superior illumination and increase your safety on road in the dark condition.

As, automotive LED lights are giving you some much favorable circumstances, then clearly you would prefer not to miss the chance to buy our LED Lighting gathering. Along these lines, observe on our site and discover your most loved LED shading right here with our universal led bulb finder online webpage.


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