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HID Xenon Parts & Accessories

HID Xenon Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories for HID Xenon Lights


Accessories your vehicle with Xenon HID parts and make your journey more adventurous. Xtralights offer you the most enchanting HID Xenon headlights to upgrade your vehicle. The broad range of HID parts that support the various colors like 3000K Golden Yellow, 4300K Crystal White (stock OEM HID color), 6000K Diamond Blue, 8000K Deep Blue, 12000K Violet Purple and lots of more will definitely crack your attention. This selection of accessories are of various types and used for several purposes. They can be used for headlight and Fog lights.

Have a look at the HID replacement parts include:-

  •       HID replacement bulbs

These HID bulbs will replace your factory HID lights with more visual clarity and wider light. The replacement of factory builds HID lights with new hot and amorous single beam and bi-xenon Hi/Lo HID Xenon lighting System such as H1, H3, H4 dual beam, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, 880, 881, 9145, 5202 and H1P.

      HID Headlight ballasts

These 35W/55W AC ultra slim ballasts with anti-shock and low-voltage protection are used to make your headlights more astonishing with a new look. As, headlights are used to create a first impression in a crowd. We have numerous of plug-in style HID Xenon ballasts that are made of aluminum case and 100% waterproof replacing an existing defective ballast.

  •       HID Xenon Lights

High-Intensity Discharge or HID lights are commonly used in cars, SUVs & motorcycles, but the Xtralights HID conversion kits are used by those who are really fond of the lighting system. It is the best fit for all retrofit and other cars, SUVs and Trucks.

  •      Xenon bulbs

Xenon bulbs are widely used in the market. This superior quality bulb helps you to see the objects clearly from the distance. These bulbs have AC-Current ballast which is smaller and lighter in all around the world.

These accessories are not only used in cars but can also be used in bikes because; the fact is that, your vehicle is very extra special for you. So, these HID Xenon Parts are specially designed and compatible for both motorcycles as well as cars. To provide you new lighting system and designs, our HID lights are compatible with the Projector, CCFL and Halo Projectors headlights.

All this is available to you for your comfort and enjoyment. The high quality female power connectors of Xetronic Company are available at our store. The Universal wire relay kit is available for solving various electrical problems. This kit is best for providing the stable electrical or current for HID xenon system. Through this, the system will operate properly in the dark - Specially designed for all vehicles.

Our next collection is Microprocessor of HID system. It is used to control 3 stage safety features to prevent ballast from overload. The OEM standard microprocessor provides 200% durability and safety. It also supports a watertight facility to keep your HID system in working mode for years.

The important part of HID Xenon System is Xetronic ballast igniter electronic module which has better heat dissipation and high electro-magnetic interference shielding.  It is Compatible with all sizes of bulbs like 9145, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11 & H13. After all this, we also have three excellent HID kits to make your driving comfortable and enjoyable. These high wattage HID kits are named as Fusion HID Xenon Kits, Xetronic Digital HID Xenon Kits and Xetronic Elite HID Xenon Kits. All these HID Xenon kits are developed by the Hi-Tech technologies and tested by laser technologies. These HID Xenon kits support all the Japanese Industry standard quality of Product.

Xtralights work for the benefits of their customers. So, we give you the best recommend products of the international markets at economical prices. Similarly, our all HID parts that can make you’re driving risk-free and cherish able, can be yours within a minute. So, have a look at our wide variety of Xenon bulbs and replacement Xenon HID bulbs. We are sure that you will be really impressed by all our illumination collection of HID parts.


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