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HID Xenon Conversion Kits

HID Xenon Conversion Kits

HID Conversion Kits for Headlights & Fog/Driving Lights


If you want to experience the lighting of the vehicles as you have seen in the numerous movies, then Xtralights give you a chance to feel that lighting upgrades in your life. We present you with the most prevalent 35W AC, 55W AC and 60W AC Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) kits for your affluent vehicles. Here, we provide you the most prevalent Xenon HID kits for your affluent vehicles. Supplant your old halogen headlights with our best HID packs which live up to all your desires that you need from an extravagance Car, SUV or Truck. All HID Xenon kit contain 5 awesome colors like Golden Yellow (3000k), Crystal White (4300k), Diamond Blue (6000k), Deep Blue (8000k) and Violet Purple (12000k). The most ideal approach to give your vehicle a cool and in vogue styling look is utilizing HID Xenon kit which will make you “center of attraction”. These HID kits are also known as “Future of the Auto Lighting”. These packs are made up from development advancements and supplies with CAD to insure the highest quality and craftsmanship at fraction of the price!

Here are three top rated HID Xenon Kit brands available at our company store.  These kits are :-

•             Fusion HID Xenon Kits

•             Xetronic Digital HID Xenon Kits

•             Xetronic Elite HID Xenon Kits


All three HID Xenon kits has it’s own unique features and can be available to you by just one click at affordable price. These Following kits have their own accuracy and performance of a beam of light to directly replace factory oem halogen headlight of your cars, trucks and SUVs. With these convenient and unique products, we are able to achieve those distinctive ability to emit 300% longer range of light beams for 50000 hours of operation.

Firstly, let’s talk about Fusion HID Xenon Kits. They are available in 4 shades i.e. Crystal White, Diamond blue, deep blue and diamond purple. This kit includes 2 HID Xenon Bulbs, Mounting Hardware, wire harness, an installation guide and 2 HID AC-Max CANBUS ballasts. This kit is highly durable, reliable and affordable than Xetronic Digital HID Xenon Kits and Xetronic Elite HID Xenon Kits. These kits are available with a variety of bulb types: single beam H1, H3, H4 high low dual beam, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13 (9008), 9004 (HB1) bi-xenon, 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5) dual-beam bi-xenon, 9145, 880, 881, D2S, D2R and 5202.

Other than this superior selection of xenon lights, we also have premium Xetronic Digital HID Xenon Kits, which contains 2 power connectors from factories, mounting hardware construction, 2 HID Xenon bulb modules, 2 Digital HID CANBUS ballast and igniter modules (warning canceller) and an installation Guide. In this kit, you have the World's smallest and lightest HID Xenon Ballast module. By using this Kit, you will experience the iconic illumination that fits all existing stock vehicles.

At last but not the least, we are having these amazingly tiny Xetronic Elite HID Xenon Kits, which includes 2 HID Xenon bulb modules, 2 power connectors from factories, mounting hardware, a guide for installing HID Xenon Lights and 2 HID Slim Electronic Ballast with external igniter modules. These AC CANBUS kits are thin and Rigid, no need of wire slicing, produce brighter light and fit in all bulb sizes at surprisingly low prices.

Our huge selection of Xenon kits are suitable for all size bulbs. These selection of after market kits contain Long wires (4 feet from end to end).  This long wire helps to achieve the area of auto  effortlessly. Other HID Xenon packs not profit you with these long wires and you need to face bother amid establishment.

With the utilization of electronic AC digital slim ballast advancements, the 30% all the more enduring life compass administration is given by the HID Xenon Kit. For most extreme unwavering quality, you need to work the HID kit at lower temperature. The HID Xenon kits consume low power and generate less or no heat. These kits are very compatible with all generation of models with top rated companies.

If we talk about technologies then all Hi-Tech technologies are used to make HID Xenon Conversion kit as the best kit in the market. All Xetronic HID Xenon kits are of Japanese Industry Standard (JDM). Every HID Xenon kit is tested with excellent Hi-Tech Laser technology and developed by CAD i.e. Computer-Aided Design.

Along with this for your security in all conditions, we additionally give Short circuit and open circuit assurance to the HID kit. To deal with short circuit, digital circuit protection is used and for open circuit, Digital recovery unit is introduced. Our specialists realize what pack is more secured in all condition, so we just offer that gathering of HID Xenon Kit. As, we make a notoriety in worldwide business sector due to our accumulation of amazing item.

Excluding these features, all 3 HID Xenon Kits collection produce an extraordinary illumination and improve the visibility. These water proof retrofitting kits are especially simple, quick and easy to install that support “Plug and Play installation” in your vehicle. These Titanium coated and vibration protected HID Xenon Kits can be yours at reasonable cost. The sealed titanium coating case helps in the HID bulb safe from corrosion and from weather conditions.

So, customers can enjoy their own particular wonderful and customized HID Xenon Kit with 0% assessment installment offer with 30 days cash back surety. Accordingly, these grand and outstanding units can be yours by just one click.

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