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Factory OEM HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Factory OEM HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Factory OEM Replacement HID Bulbs


Xtralights provide the replacement service of factory HID lights to our magnificent HID Xenon Lights. Factory HID lights are simple, boring and produce low beam. Generally, conventional Factory HID lights are of same shading that is yellow, which is not that great to make clear deceivability. So, we are offering you the new innovative designs and tones as a replacement of those factory HID Lights. You can also use HID bulb as Fog headlights, headlamp as per your style. Our HID bulbs are from the world's best product manufacturer “XETRONIC” company. An XETRONIC is a conspicuous producer which is situated in Japan. XETRONIC HID lights are the pioneer to the lighting system in the market. We additionally give you 5 shades and permit you to pick one, as indicated by your require. Our OEM factory HID bulbs feature an all-new design to avoid annoying lamp-out error messages/warnings displayed on the dash by tricking the capacitors and resistors of the car, SUV, trucks and motorcycle. This unbeatable precision allow our bulbs to work with any stock projector hid headlights, factory equipped xenon headlights, after market ballasts, xenon conversion kits without cutting or splicing factory harness once installed. Our all-new completely sealed D2R D2C/D2C D2R bulb bases are also wrapped in durable packaging to provide sharp cut-off line focal point pattern, practically instantaneous warm-up time and unflappable reliability.

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19 Item(s)

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HID Xenon Lights have 4 amazing colors that are:-

•             4300K i.e. Crystal White

•             6000K i.e. Diamond Blue

•             8000K i.e. Deep Blue

•             12000K i.e. Violet Purple


Without any doubt, we can say that 35W 3200lm HID bulbs can be used easily as original-equipment option. As a result of this element, it is often getting such a great amount of consideration in the automotive lighting business sector. As it is easy to understand, so it can be fitted in any household or imported Car, SUV or Truck. It likewise gives 100% reversibility. It is exceptionally agreeable and enhanced for imagining the items.

HID Lights which also known as High-Intensity Discharge lamps is a sort of electrical, gas which create light by an electric circular segment. Gas and metal salts are filled with a tube. As HID globule creates the UV radiations, to defeat this issue an extraordinary covering is done in the lens.

According to your needs, we will replace the bulbs with following bulb types and sizes:-

•             D1S or D1R HID Xenon Replacement Bulb

•             D2S or D2R HID Xenon Replacement Bulb

•             D3S or D3R HID Xenon Replacement Bulb

•             D4S or D4R HID Xenon Replacement Bulb


The HID Xenon replacement contains 1- HID Xenon bulb, a guide to install safely and a warranty or registration form.  The most stout and authentic featured HID bulbs are only found here.

The most significant features of our HID bulbs are:-

•             Extraordinary long lasting life span

•             Simple and quick retrofit installation

•             Improvement in vehicle is not required

•             Better illumination

•             More visibility


Traditional HID bulbs or factory HID bulbs are sufficiently bad to deliver a precise light, but rather our HID bulbs are better than them. You will have a more precise and centered, light emission which will help you to see protests all the more obvious. At that point, the execution of HID bulbs in several colors is far better than factory bulbs. An easy “Plug and Play “installation in your vehicle at nominal rates is available to you only in Xtralights. Our after market is the only place where you can get all high quality accessories directly under one roof as the stock replacement lights. So, if you want to properly replace those factory installed Xenon arc bulbs working with no-nonsense ballast benchmarks, then Xtralights is the only proper spot for this service.

Sometimes, customers casually observe that within a small period of time, the diamond-white bulbs 35W bulbs begin giving poor connection to after market ballast, blurred shading and erroneous light emission. This demonstrates that the cash is squandered on wrong item yet this issue is not with us. Xtralights just give a fantastic item to you. Our accumulation of D2S 6000K temp HID bulbs gives outstanding performance in all weather conditions, accurate beam of light, consistent regulated brightness in dark and sunshine. Moreover, we also give a warranty card if any problem occurs in that specific time duration. Our outstanding collection of D2S xenon OEM factory and D2C D2S xenon OEM HID bulbs will enlarge your vehicle looks. The best point is you are getting this in ostensible scope of expense.

Other than these unbeatable products, we likewise give the 30 days simple return policy and extended length of the warranty on the off chance that you don't care for the item or any issue happen in our item which is without bother. After this, in the event that you buy online items then we will charge you 0% assessment which implies we offer you an expense free web shopping. Other than this, our experts likewise offer you the free consultancy about the legal standards 24 hours a day.

For over ten years now, our reputation for unbeatable products and professional customer service which we are providing you is your security. Our items are 100% secured and  high caliber as our items are guaranteed from DOT and SAE as the industry standard. Before fitting the HID selection in your vehicle we firstly check the OEM particular only for your security concern. In this way, quit scanning and enjoy your HID today and don't miss our free offers that is trusted by car guys.

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